FaQ – Frequently asked questions

The Porn industry is absolutely huge! Accounting for over HALF of all internet traffic.
Getting into the industry can ofcourse be extremely lucrative if you have the right qualities.
The UK has a thriving adult industry. Where models of all shapes, ages and sizes are in high demand.

Register your interest on this page to get involved and start making easy money with the potential to become a big star if you have the right qualities.

To qualify to get into porn

You must:

2. Be 18 + Years of age.
3. Once you’ve decided you want to go ahead, register below for us to consider your application.
4. Once we get back to you, make sure you are ready to reply with the following:

a) ID. proving your age.
b) A contact number including international codes.
c) Pictures of yourself, clothed and in a bikini so that your full length body is visible from multiple angles.

d) If you are accepted after providing a,b, and c, you will need to provide an STD/STI check certificate, before the audition and for any future filming.


We are the biggest porn audition and agency in the world.
If you are selected, you will go on to an audition.
If you have a successfull audition, you will be added onto our model agency list ready to be selected by porn producers all over the world.

So dont be shy, we are extremly friendly, warm and have our models best interests at heart ALWAYS!

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Get into Porn
Get into the lucrative Porn industry

How To Get Into The Porn Industry:

10 Steps

1. Take your time and be sure this is for you Before sending in your application form, take your time and consider everything. Be sure that it is for you; guidelines must be met and adhered too at all times for example. You must be 18 or over, all parties must be consenting and safety regarding sexual health, STD certificates will be required.

2. Understand what is involved

Think about what you would like to achieve in porn and what you want to do:
Glamour photo shoots – underwear, topless & covered nude
Soft porn photo/ filming shoots – sex without penetration
Hard porn photo/ filming shoots – full sexual acts
Fetish porn photo/ filming shoots – full hardcore sex and fetish acts
We will NOT film anyone underage!
All films shot are non-acting roles; they are real action films, shooting girls who love having wild sex, showing off, fucking with passion and lust.

3. Fill in the application form

Fill in the online application form with as much information as you can.

4. Audition process

After assessing your application, we then talk one to one talking through your application and personal preferences. At this point you can ask us directly any questions and concerns.

5. Sign contracts

You must sign a contract that sets out everything in detail, so that both parties have a clear agreement of what will take place and that you are of legal age and doing it of your own free will. You will become a signed artist to our agency. Importantly, you will never be asked to do anything you do not first agree to and sign to on contract. The contract covers your personal boundaries and covers everything you will and will not do. 

6. Filming is arranged

After jointly agreeing what will be filmed, the filming is then scheduled to take place.

7. Editing process

The editing process is a major part of any shoot; there is not one image in any magazine that has not been edited in some way. Pictures will be professionally airbrushed with Photoshoped to perfect the image. In the process your body may be enhanced and altered to suit the target audience. Pixelation of faces can be done for those who do soft porn on private shoots.

8. Preview

Your chance to see the finished film/ shots before publicity.

9. Promotion and selling

All the edited material is then sent to other international agents and contacts within the industry, we do everything we can to promote you; it is in our own interests for you to do well. We have personal contacts in America and Europe, UK, adult TV channels and many large Internet sites as well as other promotional porn agents. 

Get into Porn!
Get into Porn!

10. Pay

Once you are part of our agency, you will be offered contracts which pay in different ways, the first; is in the form of royalties as a percentage of sales, which is based on performance and popularity, it all depends on how much the buying public like you and we will not know that until we shoot. Remember we promote you for nothing, so it’s in our own interests to make sure you do well or we are wasting our own time, the better you do, the better we do. 

The second form of pay is by a one of fee;  such as photo shoots, films, promotion modelling, private shoots, private client escorting.

Remember, You can of course accept or decline any of these offers as they are presented to you.

As one of our signed artist, you will get paid 70% of sales in royalties, sales include all published material of photographs and films. So you earn for each and every photo and film sold individually and many multiple times. A girl can earn anything from £250 for unknown artists and upwards to £4000 per film for known artists, Popularity earns you a higher rate. Remember the porn industry in the UK alone is worth an estimated 1.5 billion! 90% of all men watch and buy porn in some form. The Internet has changed the industry from magazines to online content but for those like us with connections, its make yours chances a lot bigger and easier, its not what you know, its who you know. Guys, remember that the industry is geared towards making porn for the biggest selling market, and men buy the most porn, so girls have the starring roles. Guys get much less money and much less work because there is always another guy in front and behind you ready to take the role before you even get offered it.

Who are we?

We have worked in all areas of the adult entertainment industry since 1992. We have a high reputation for trust and professionalism with vast experience and an invaluable amount of contacts within the industry, we are able to use all this to promote you the best way in the UK, Europe and America. We have contracts all broadcast media, producers, directors, private clientele, production companies, the Internet and other agents.

We will work together with you to create your showreel casting profile with a full photo shoot and film clips in different scenes.
Note that you can clearly see our work is professional and that is our own copyrighted work.
The adult industry is huge and a serious business but there is always room for new talent.

Before sending in your application form, be sure that it is for you. Think about what is involved and what you would like to achieve in porn.

The best porn is real and believable porn, the best porn stars are the ones that love what they do, they are sex mad and filthy sex addicts and it shows when they fuck on camera. If you love showing your body off and love guys looking at what you have to offer then you are what were looking for, you cannot be shy in porn! 

Anyone can earn money in the adult industry if you have what it takes. Amateur or professional models can all make money if the pictures are good and done by a professional photographer. Sex sells but only if the pictures look good, you do not have to be a professional just open-minded and enjoy showing off.

You are in control of what you want to do, you go as far as you want to and show only what you want, in other words if you only want to do soft glamour shots then that’s all will be shot, what you say goes. However, the more hardcore pictures sell at the higher prices and sell the highest quantity. So the more daring you are the more chance you have of making more money. Sex sells, and if you have what it takes you will make money. Models can be male or female or couples but we are overwhelmed with male models!! It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginners or established model as long as you are prepared to be open-mined and easy going, photo shoots are hard work and can take 3 – 4 hours. People don’t realize how hard it can be, constantly changing clothes and holding awkward poses. Models can be of any age and any size.

Private shoots not for the general public

Have your own private porn movie shoot. These are becoming very popular with celebrities, couples and individuals alike. Shoots are completely safe and private and will never been seen by the general public. All requests/desires can be catered for, from the lavish to the extreme. A price of a private shoot can change dramatically due to the individual requirements from the very basic to the most extravagant, and to whether they require extra cast, number of locations, length of film and other extras. We talk to any prospective client to ascertain their individual requirements so that we can give them a tailor made product specific price.

Shoots are mainly held in the UK and Spain, although also shot anywhere in the world. Having worked in many exotic locations, Mexico, Thailand, LA, and Germany. Filming in dungeons and glamorous villas, private residences, all shoots can be done on location or studios, however, studios sets are cold clinical unnatural and make most girls feel uncomfortable, keep it real, real action, real situations, real locations, real action. The benefits of shooting at your home is that you feel relaxed there, and you have all your clothing and your own bathroom facilities. We will bring our studio to you, with full professional lighting rigs, camera, and backdrops if required as in the picture below.

Most importantly, whatever happens between us, stays between us. Privacy and discretion is very important to all our clients and we guarantee that your pictures and information would never be published or shared with anyone else.

We work with top celebrities and high-end professionals where discretion is of the most importance to them and us. We always act with the up-most professionalism and friendly manor, where you can speak openly about the most explicit of sexual desires and fantasies without feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable. We have done this all before and are here to help you, step by step, putting you at ease and making you feel completely relaxed and comfortable. 

Get into Porn!

Safety and Privacy

Your privacy is paramount, discretion and confidentiality is used at all times, your personal information will stay private and confidential, only ever promoting your “stage name”.

Specific guidelines must be met and adhered too, for example, all parties must be consenting adults and safety regarding sexual health must be met and be STD tested and certificated. All those who are considering involvement in the adult entertainment industry must do so seriously and responsibly. This will be explored in great depth, through your application.